Magazine Style Wedding Album: The New Couples' Personal Book of Dreams

Magazine Style Wedding Albums

What's a magazine style wedding album design, you ask?

You know how a magazine spread blends photos over one smooth page, puts them against complementary backgrounds, and looks, well, just plain dreamy? Well, someone had the brilliant idea to create a wedding album just like that.

Okay, it was us-- we had the idea... We weren't the first, but our photographers and their clients tell us we’re among the best. Our custom designed albums look fantastic, hold up like any book with perfect bind, and give your happy couples those smooth and colorful layouts you might see in a magazine spread. Hence the name, magazine-style.

A custom designed magazine style wedding album lets you offer a unique, durable and ultra-special record of the your clients' magic day.

If the couple-to-be ever thought, "Someone should make a book of this wedding," then tell them to dream no more. By this time next week, they could be holding the dream in their newly-wedded hands.